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Here's some great sites that I've found to be informative and/or just plain fun. Enjoy!


 For thousands of children with neuromotor disorders, "standing tall" is something that others do with ease. Yet motor-impaired children must work very hard to stand, walk, write, sit, and sometimes even to speak. Standing Tall is very close to my heart and has been a godsend for my daughter, Nika. I've seen, first-hand, how Standing Tall has changed her life and the lives of many other children. It is a unique environment that gives motor-impaired children, like my Nika, an opportunity for growth that they would never find anywhere else--an opportunity that they deserve. Please click on the link and consider a tax-deductable donation to keep the program alive. It means so much to me, and everything to our children. Thank you! -bd



  With a lengthy career as a performer and a composer, Joe's credentials are truly impressive. And he's a mutha on the B3 too!


  Philly's own Tim Schumacher, featuring Tim with his trio. Check out the music clips--a true talent!


Mike Cullens is truly a gifted musician. I've had the pleasure of gigging with Mad Mike over the years and have been fortunate enough to have been included on a number of great recordings. Mad Mike's catalogue of great CDs, including recordings with A Thousand Tiny Fingers, is fantastic. Check out his newly revamped web site!


If you are familiar with Captain Beefheart then there is no need to explain. If, on the other hand however, you're not familiar with Captain Beefheart then there is no need to explain.


My very first guitar teacher was Phil "Flip" Hayes. He gave me a solid start on learning to play the guitar, and more importantly, how to learn. He's the host of GuitarWorld. It's a great site with a number of interesting articles by Flip and some of my other guitar playing friends (and a couple by me, too).






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