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"The world of music is always evolving, and as such it makes demands on both the composer and the listener. Music by its very nature is designed to inspire, but it does that by speaking both to what we know, and what we believe can be. I created Cosmosis with this idea in mind."

Bob Dee's Cosmosis is, for its composer, an answer to the question "What if?" "Cosmosis is basically like a laboratory where I can explore all the possibilities associated with music. I am particularly interested, for example, in the concept of heterophony as it relates to jazz. I found myself thinking 'What if two musicians are able to improvise the same melody simultaneously?' That idea alone led to the expansion of my work into compositions with this theme in mind, and finally a band just to explore the whole concept."

The members of Cosmosis bring together almost fifty years of collective musicianship and expertise. Grisha Alexiev, drummer, is both a writer and performer who has played with Archie Bell, Ken Wener, and Sam Rivers, among others. Adam Klipple, piano, has been described as "a standout pianist who has gone to school on McCoy Tyner and Cecil Taylor, and earned his degree." Bassist Rufus Philpot has performed worldwide with the likes of David Gilmore, Chris Hunter, and Martine McCutcheon.

The band's first recording "From Head To Soul" features seven original compositions. Among the compositions on the CD are "Chef of the Future," "The Preacher," "Meandering," "I Learn So Slowly," "Just East of Shannon," "Song for Liz," and "In the Mind's Eye." The CD is scheduled for release in September, 2001.

In 1998 Bob Dee Band produced its debut CD entitled "Double Talk" on UNika Records, a NYC based record label. The CD has been met with excellent reviews. All of the musicians are from the NY City area and are truly smokin' players. The group on this CD is mainly comprised of guitarist and composer Bob Dee, drummer Grisha Alexiev, and bassist Takashi Otsuka. Other fine guests on the CD are Diana Herold playing marimba and percussion, and Kazee on keyboards.

The CD is definitely an eclectic offering comprised of pieces from jazz and funk to hard edged avante fusion. The CD speaks for itself and so do The Reviews !



  • To purchase CDs (either "Double Talk" or "From Head To Soul") please visit Purchase a CD.
  • To read more about the band personnel please visit the Bio page.


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